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Tastiest Roti Kirai in Town

Singapore's very own Roti Jala (Malay Net Crepe) enthusiast
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We Believe in Roti Kirai that Taste


Look no further because a steaming stack of perfectly soft, best fluffy roti kirai are right here! Weekends will never be the same again.

We advise you to WhatsApp us before making your order. This is to check the availability of your time slot in case the online calendar is not updated.

(Important Note: Our earliest delivery timing will be 12 pm onwards)

Our Story

Started out from the kitchen of Mdm Khadijah in Jurong West. We found the right formula to create Roti Kirai (also knows as Roti Jala) in the most fashionable way. Inquiries kept pouring in, and orders came back to back. That’s when we decided, it is time.

Extra Thick and Fluffy

Traditional Roti Kirai are often a lot thinner and flatter, whereas we have taken them to the next level and made them (clearly) way thicker and juicier, which means they are a lot more intense and flavourful.

Savoury Delicious Curry

A spicy aromatic ready-to-dip chicken or mutton curry gravy with coconut milk, chilli, coriander and spices. Once you dip, you can’t stop!

The tastiest Roti Kirai as of yet

Coffee Bean

Best Flour

Coffee Bean

Quality Milk

Coffee Bean

High Grade Egg


The Best Roti Kirai Delights you will fall in love with, in a matter of time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fulfil our orders?

We will confirm orders once full payment is paid. This is due to the fact we are home-based. Each order will be prepared manually for the best quality roti kirai.

For orders received online using PayNow, we will need to verify your payment before we fulfill your orders.

Can we custom our order?

We provide customisation orders on a case-by-case basis.

While our sets and packages are mostly fixed, any additional requests will not affect the pricing.

For sets without curry, our à la carte pricing will be as follows:

Roti Kirai

$1.50 per piece

Curry Gravy

$12 Chicken Curry (1kg)

$26 Beef Curry (1kg)

What is the minimum amount of roti kirai to order?

The minimum order is what we offered on the price table above. Any customisation should align with the pricing of any pre-set package we provide.



What payment modes do you take?

We accept bank transfer & PayNow

If you prefer to use Paypal and credit cards (Master & Visa), chat with us – we will give you the link to make payment via this method.

Do you provide culinaries?

No, we don’t. Roti kirai is best to eat with the hand!

Do you provide delivery service?

We currently offer self-collection for all orders, but if you prefer delivery, kindly make your own arrangements. We suggest using Grab Express as a reliable option.

How long can we keep the gravy?

Maximum of 2 days. Please heat up the curry before consumption. Gravies are prepared the night before collection/delivery day.

Why does your delivery starts at 12pm?

As we are home-based, roti kirai are prepared fresh on the same day before delivery. We require time for preparation for the roti kirai and curry gravies.

Do you provide invoice?

Yes, we do! But it will be as per request basis. Please contact us with your order so we can send you an e-invoice.